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Child Exchange and Visitation Program

Visitation & Exchange

When parents separate, the child(ren) most often will have primary residence with one parent and regularly spend time with the other. Visitation, contact and access are used to describe post-separation interaction with the non-residential parent or another significant person, such as another family member. Simply put, a Supervises Visit is contact between and parent and their child(ren) with a third person present to ensure the safety of those involved.

Supervised Exchanges, is the supervision of the transfer of a child from one parent to the other. Only the exchanges/ transfers are supervised; the remaining time shared during parent/ child contact is unsupervised. Precautions are taken to ensure that the two adults exchanging the child(ren) have no contact with each other.

The Supervised Visitation program allows a child(ren) to have safe contact with their mother, father, or other significant person without being caught in the middle any conflicts between the adult parties. The child(ren)s needs come first when decisions are made regarding supervision, but parents can benefit too. The program was created to be a positive experience and one that can help families find their way through difficult times.

Supervised Visits and Exchanges may be court-ordered or simply arranged by parents without a court order.  The program is most appropriate when there is no question about the safety of the child(ren) but when one or both parties do not feel safe or comfortable interacting directly with the other party. It’s always better for the child(ren) not to be put into a situation where he or she is exposed to conflict. This service is free of charge.

Benefits for Children

Child(ren) can maintain their vital relationship with both parents or significant person, an important factor in the successful adjustment to family dissolution. It lets child(ren) look forward to visiting their parents in an environment of security and comfort, without the pressure of conflict.

Supervised Visits are conducted in a manner that allows child(ren) to feel comfortable and have the focus on them. CCCAV provides toys, games, and a television with access to family movies, along with other activities that encourage parent and child(ren) interaction and bonding.

Supervised Exchanges are also set up to create a level of comfort with the child(ren) and allows for a smooth transition from one party to the next, keeping the focus of the exchange on the child(ren) and their time with each party.

Benefits for Both Parents

Visitation arrangements are made through our staff, so parties don’t have to have any direct contact before, during or after the visit. In the safe atmosphere provided by the Supervised Visitation program, parents can allow their child(ren) to have contact with the other party without worry. If allegations have been made against one parent, which is often the case when supervision is ordered, parents can visit without fear of any accusations arising from the visit because someone else is present that can verify what happened during their time together and well as recorded. The program allows parents without custodial rights the opportunity to have regular uninterrupted contact with their child(ren). 

CCCAV works to empower parents to work through their issues and encourage future interaction that is both safe and productive in the parenting process. CCCAV works with both parents by offering suggestions on what types of activities are appropriate during a visit, along with information and tips on parenting, such as hygiene, disciplining appropriately, proper diet, and referrals to other resources within the community such as counseling, Department of Family Services, etc. Parents are offered resources and information to help teach and fine tune communication skills, as well and information on how to help their child(ren) adjust to new living arrangements.

CCCAV works with the child(ren) to help them adjust to the program and transition into their new living arrangements as well as helping to build coping skills, and offering a safe and comfortable place for them to share their own frustration with the process.

CCCAV works diligently to help create healthy families, and encourage positive co-parenting for the entire family

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