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Services and Resources

  • Was I Raped?

    Learn the many forms sexual violence can take.
  • What Should I Do?

    Steps to follow after an attack, medical information, and self-care tips for victims and their loved ones.
  • Reduce Risk

    Tips that will help make you and your children a little safer.
  • Effects of Sexual Assault

    Understanding what you're going through is the first step to recovery. Learn about common physical and psychological side effects.
  • Resources

    Find other organizations working to end sexual violence. Clicking this link will direct you to a sub-page with more information and resources available to you.

for parents who are court ordered to participate OR choose to enter the program voluntarily. 

Know your rights! 
Wyoming Crime Victims Bill of Rights
  • The right to be treated with compassion, respect, and sensitivity within the criminal justice system;
  • The right to know the whereabouts of the offender and the current status of the case;
  • The right to receive restitution from offenders;
  • The right to know all rights under this law, including information about services and victims assistance at the local level;
  • The right to know about victim compensation;
  • The right to reasonable protection and safety and the right to know of legal recourse if threatened;
  • The right to prompt return of property;
  • The right to preservation of employment while participating in the criminal justice process;
  • The right to be informed about the opportunity to make a victim impact statement at sentencing and parole hearings; and
  • The right to be present at trial.
Generous donations from Safeway and Pizza Hut are made to the Coalition. These donations are then given to ANY individual or family in need. 
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Support Groups - our support groups are open meetings. We host 2 groups a month.
If you would like more information you can contact us at 358-6148

All groups are held at the CCCAV office in Douglas and Glenrock